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Pallaton Raphno

Autumn Pallaton Crop Management

Autumn presents an opportunity to review the performance of your Pallaton Raphno® and assess the ability of the crop to continue into winter.

Winter grazing opportunity

Under optimum grazing and environmental conditions, farmers may have the opportunity to continue growing their Pallaton into winter for a final grazing. Assess your Pallaton crop in early autumn for the following factors to help with your decision to carry the crop through:

Plant Numbers

After the March grazing, take the opportunity to do some plant counts in your Pallaton crop. Using a square metre (1m2) hoop, randomly sample the paddock to get an average plant count per square meter. Carrying your Pallaton crop into winter largely depend on the number of plants present in the autumn to set the crop up for winter grazing. 


Crop Health

Excessively wet, or fluctuating wet and dry conditions coupled with multiple grazings can create an opportunity for brassica bacterial and fungal disease infection. This is not unique to Pallaton and is a risk for all brassica crops. If you think there may be brassica disease in the crop, it is recommended to sow break crops such as pasture. 

Autumn plant count

The average plant numbers present in early autumn will help determine what the best option will be for your Pallaton crop.

Greater than 20 plants/m2

Carry through for winter graze

Consider carrying the crop through to winter as a sole sward if weed burden is low and fertility is adequate. Shut the paddock up by early April and apply N accordingly to boost overall DM yield for winter.

10-20 plants/m2

Oversow with winter active grasses

Increase the opportunity for extra winter feed by oversowing with a winter active ryegrass in the autumn. Options include Italian ryegrass such as Concord® II, Manta and Feast® II, Ascend annual ryegrass or oats.

Less than 10 plants/m2

Spray out and re-sow

Plant numbers are inadequate to provide sufficient winter feed. Target a hard/low residual graze with animals to minimise crop residue carryover. Consider total spray out of paddock and planting back into pasture.