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We have over 80 years' experience in delivering market-leading technologies, advice and systems tailored to suit your farming operations and climatic conditions.

In this section you will find lots of advice on how to get the most out of our products. If you require further information, your local DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist is always available to provide you with specific recommendations based on your particular needs and assist with decisions relating to pasture and forage selection. 

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Key articles to supply you with farming information, recommendations and more to optimise on farm performance this spring. Discover high performance brassica crop Pallaton Raphno® and on farm success in Elong Elong NSW and Windermere VIC. Or, the versatile and highly palatable forage rape Mainstar and its outstanding performance in Beaufort VIC. 

More news and key articles coming soon. 

1300 sheep on 16ha with 7 grazings

"We planted 16 hectares of Pallaton for a summer fodder crop to finish my lambs and some purchased trade lambs; the Pallaton crop has done that with spades. We planted it on the 20th of September 2021 with 125kg/ha DAP and was grazing the crop by the 18th of November 2021. The crop was then grazed another 6 times between then and June 2022.

The average number of lambs at each grazing was 1300. The Pallaton crop enabled us to finish our own lambs and, profit from finishing over 1000 purchased store lambs too. On top of finishing a lot of lambs, we didn’t have to spray the Pallaton for butterflies and moths, unlike most other brassica crops we grow”.

Brad and Jen Smith: Tambo Crossing (east Gippsland), VIC

Brad and Jen Smith Tambo Crossing (east Gippsland), Victoria - DLF Seeds Pallaton

$2670/ha income produced from first two grazings

"I sowed in the middle of February and was grazing by the start of April which filled a feed gap. Autumn sowing is very successful and has really enabled us to grow big amounts of feed quickly when soil temperatures are up. Once grazing canolas are locked up, I have had another 2-3 grazings off Pallaton by December. That's what sets Pallaton apart; quality feed that keeps on going."

Nigel Robert: Elong Elong, NSW (Dunbogan Merino Stud)

Nigel Robert: Elong Elong, NSW (Dunbogan Merino Stud) - Pallaton DLF Seeds