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Pallaton Raphno

The premium brassica seed that will take your stock finishing, brassica operation to the next level.

Providing feed for farmers when they need it most, Pallaton bridges the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep, and dairy. 

Pallaton Raphno® is a raphanobrassica, a hybrid between Brassica oleracea (kale) and Raphanus sativus (radish) that is ideal for finishing lambs; providing increased liveweight production per ha. It is high yielding and offers flexible grazing as early as 56 days after sowing. It is persistent under multiple grazings and is highly palatable to stock.

Ideal for a dry spring with a 38% increase in water use efficiency (WUE) relative to Goliath® forage rape, Pallaton increases livewight production per ha and helps farmers achieve up to 5+ grazing’s (with recommended management and under ideal conditions.) 

Sown at 8kg/ha, Pallaton Raphno® is vailable through accredited retailers, under agency agreement only. To find your nearest accredited retailer, contact your local DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist here.

The 6 traits of Pallaton include

Pallaton's journey and certainty through science®

The goal of the breeding programme was to combine six important traits, which would perform for Australian farmers within increasingly challenging environments.