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Our research programmes ensure that DLF Seeds cultivars introduced to the market will perform under temperate and tropical farming systems. The goal of each new cultivar introduced is to increase on-farm productivity and profitability.

Over 100 Proprietary products – One single focus

DLF Seeds has a proven history of delivering innovative forage products and technologies. Our entire focus is on utilising the best of science to maximise performance. Presently we have products including cereals and pasture species, tropical varieties and turf products. The range features varieties with unique characteristics such as disease and insect resistance, reduced water requirements, grazing tolerance, and tolerance to specific nutrient and mineral deficiencies. Our extensive investment in R&D has also led to a noticeable improvement in pasture genetics.

Italian Grasses trial 2022


Trial Sites

We have many trial sites throughout the country which allows us to breed, evaluate and test our products. Our replicated pasture trial programme is the largest in Australia. 

Our trials are all about ensuring farmers can extract the best value from every product where it matters most – on the farm.

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Key articles to supply you with farming information, recommendations and more to optimise on farm performance this spring. Discover high performance brassica crop Pallaton Raphno® and on farm success in Elong Elong NSW and Windermere VIC. Or, the versatile and highly palatable forage rape Mainstar and its outstanding performance in Beaufort VIC. 

More news and key articles coming soon. 

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