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DLF Seeds: The new name behind the names you know

DLF Seeds represents the coming together of PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds. These three respected Australian forage seed brands joined forces to provide the market with the ease and convenience of accessing all the quality products you have come to know in one place. 

As DLF Seeds, we proudly bring you a complete range of high-performance products developed specifically for australian farmers. Every product is backed by innovative research and development combined with the on-ground, local knowledge of our team of sales agronomists.

DLF Seeds is now the largest forage seed company in Australia, with over 80 years’ experience supplying Australian farmers with the widest range of forage seed varieties.

  • DLF Seeds offers a complete range of quality seeds backed by the latest innovations investing over 15 million dollars per annum into Research and Development across Australia and New Zealand.
  • DLF Seeds delivers market-leading technologies, advice and systems tailored to suit your farming operations and climatic conditions.
  • DLF Seeds works closely with local and international partners, breeding programmes and retailers to improve productivity.
  • DLF Seeds has experienced Sales Agronomists across all Australian states and territories, providing local support and expertise.
  • Purpose built cold storage facilities to ensure endophyte percentages are maintained
  • The confidence of knowing that all proprietary varieties go through vigorous testing with animal grazing trials, with the results incorporated into plant breeding.

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Supply Chain

As DLF Seeds, our supply chain has been simplified. Now,  it easier for farmers, agronomists, and retailers to access our entire portfolio of quality forage seed varieties, Research and Development, advice and more through a single, simplified channel.

Today we are involved across the entire seed supply chain. In addition to our R & D programmes, we contract thousands of hectares of land for seed production . After harvest we work with seed cleaners and territory authorities to ensure that our seed is of the highest quality and provide seed mixing and seed treatment services where required. 

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Production Seed crop DLF Seeds

Our Australian production network allows us to produce seed in a range of climatic zones, ensuring the best quality product is delivered to our customers.

In order to ensure an adequate supply of high quality seed DLF Seeds has a team of dedicated production field agronomists, including agronomists with intimate knowledge of specialist multiplication pasture seed crops, with extensive agronomic skills to supervise the production of varieties which are contracted for local and international markets. The production function is supported by excellent seed production, agronomy and R&D capabilities within our group to support new crops and seed production practices.

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Careers at DLF Seeds

With over 75 years’ experience in Australia, DLF Seeds Australia employs over 120 staff with expertise ranging from plant breeding to agronomic sales support. Today we have more than 35 agronomists who work directly with farmers and retailers throughout each state to deliver leading forage cultivars and advice to the pastoral industry.

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For international exports, DLF Seeds operates as PGG Wrightson Seeds. PGG Wrightson Seeds produces, markets and exports seed to customers throughout the Middle East, South America, USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. We have a full portfolio of proprietary and commodity Seed that has been bred and adapted to your climate and conditions.  

With production bases in all parts of Australia, we offer a full range of temperate, sub tropical and tropical species available for export.

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PGG Wrightson Turf

PGG Wrightson Turf

PGG Wrightson Turf has been breeding turfgrass seed specifically for the Australasian environment for nearly 40 years and has established itself as an innovative market leader in turfgrass breeding, and turf research and evaluation.

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