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DLF Seeds (formed by combining PGG Wrightson Seeds, Stephen Pasture Seeds (SPS) and AusWest Seeds) is a proprietary seed company operating across Australia. Our activities cover all aspects of the seed market, from R&D through to product supply, distribution and technical on-farm support.

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PGG Wrightson Seeds

Make it homegrown feed with trusted, proven and innovative performers backed by exciting new technology and extensive Research and Development. 

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AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds have an enviable reputation within the seed industry for providing locally based service and proven advice within our community for over 60 years.

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DLF Seeds operates within the Australian market through the product portfolios of PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds (including the Agricom product range). These portfolios include varieties for both temperate and tropical forage markets. The operations cover research and development, plant breeding, seed multiplication, cleaning, seed treatment, mixing, marketing, sales and distribution.

As DLF Seeds, the Australian marketplace can still access the same great products that have been available from PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds, along with the combined expertise and knowledge of our team of local experts to provide our retailer customers and farmer end-users great advice and service. DLF Seeds look forward to continuing to deliver future innovations for Australian farmers.


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