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Mach 1

annual ryegrass

  • Good seedling vigour and pasture establishment
  • Rapid post grazing recovery
  • Bred for improved rust and leaf spot resistance
  • Mid heading (+8) ryegrass suited to silage/early hay production
A mid heading, fast establishing variety with excellent winter production for intensive grazing. Very compatible with annual clovers to improve silage and hay production. Consistently performs well in local trials.
Suitable For

Sowing Rate: 25-40kg/ha
Rainfall: Minimum 500mm per annum
Grazing Management Method: ,
Number of Grazings: ,
Heading Date: Mid - 8 days later than Nui
Pasture Life: Annual
Soil Fertility: High (Olsen P 20+)
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Leaf Size: ,
Dormancy: ,

Rapid recovery

Mach 1®  is a fast establishing, high yielding tetraploid annual ryegrass that produces high quality feed well into spring and early summer. It has excellent recovery from grazing, matures late and is a great option for quality hay and silage. Rotationally graze for maximum growth rates and apply hay booster type fertilisers for extra dry matter production

Sowing rate (sole): 25-40kg/ha
Sowing rate (mixed): 15-25kg/ha

High Quality

Mach 1 has high feed quality and is mid flowering so maintains quality well into spring and early summer. It has excellent recovery from grazing and is ideal for silage and hay production. Mach 1 is a tetraploid annual ryegrass and is a suitable replacement for varieties such as Tetila.

Sowing Hints

Drill seed into a well prepared seed bed. Roll paddock to get good seed to soil contact. Sow Kickstart® treated seed with a DAP or MAP type fertiliser at approximately 100 kg/ha to achieve an even, fast emergence for early grazings. Use slug bait if slugs are present.

Management Tips

Rotational grazing maximises growth rates. Strategic nitrogen application or hay booster type fertilisers are recommended for extra drymatter production for grazing, silage or hay production.



Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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