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tetraploid annual ryegrass

  • Good seedling vigour and pasture establishment
  • Rapid post grazing recovery
  • Bred for improved rust and leaf spot resistance
  • Early heading ryegrass suited to silage/early hay production
Suitable For

Sowing Rate: 15-40kg/ha
Rainfall: Minimum 500mm per annum
Grazing Management Method: RotationalGrazed-ShortTerm
Heading Date: Early - 3+
Pasture Life: Annual
Soil Fertility: High (Olsen P 20+)
Ploidy: Tetraploid

Cost effective option for quick winter feed

Early maturing (+3) Astro® annual ryegrass continues to be a great low cost option when quick winter feed is the priority. Astro’s excellent seedling vigour combined with early maturity provides growers the option of early winter to spring grazing along with an early cut of silage enabling timely preparation for sowing of summer forage crops.

The combination of impressive seasonal dry matter yields and fast post grazing recovery means Astro can be relied on to supply quality feed during those times of the year when you need it most.

Pasture seed sowing rate (sole): 25-40kg/ha
Pasture seed sowing rate (mixed): 15-25kg/ha

Sowing and establishment

Sow Astro tetraploid annual ryegrass pasture seed at a minimum of 25 kg/ha as pure sward. Astro can be utilised in many different situations and environments. Therefore, Astro's sowing rate should be circumstance specific. 

For pasture seed sowing rates specific to your farming needs, contact your local DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist here

Grazing Management

The early maturity of Astro may shorten the time to first grazing, however it is important to closely monitor plants and prioritise strong establishment. Always monitor the growth stage of any establishing pasture plants and perform pull tests to ensure sound root development. 

A well anchored root system allows the young plants to tolerate grazing pressure. Astro's ability to produce quick dry matter will be influenced by early nitrogen applications, apply nitrogen to encourage tillering and increase dry matter production. Nitrogen should be applied before canopy closure, important to note nitrate levels when grazing any autumn forage should be monitored closely.


Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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