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forage oat

  • Strong initial growth
  • High total season dry matter yield
  • High level resistance to current races of crown rust (Puccinia coronata)
  • Medium-late maturity
  • Quick winter feed option
Bond Oats are an early-mid season plant, forage variety, with strong initial growth and high total season drymatter yield. Bond have a high level of resistance to current races of crown rust (P. coronata). They are a medium-late maturing oat with a prolific tillering ability for good recovery after cutting or grazing.
Suitable For

Sowing Rate: 80-120kg/ha
Rainfall: Minimum 400mm per annum
Weeks to Grazing: 40-55 days
Heading Date: Mid
Pasture Life: Annual
Soil Fertility: Medium (Olsen P 15-20)

Fast to establish with crown rust resistance 

Quicker to establish compared to other varieties, Bond is medium to late maturing with a flowering date 7–10 days and a semi-erect growth habit. Sow Bond forage oats for strong initial growth, high total season dry matter and a high level resistance to current races of crown rust (Puccinia coronata). Prolific tillering gives Bond the ability to recover well after cutting or grazing.

Pasture seed sowing rate (sole): 80-120kg/ha


Minimum 400mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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