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forage oat

  • Strong initial growth
  • High total season dry matter yield
  • Medium-late maturity
  • Quick winter feed option
Bond Oats are an early-mid season plant, forage variety, with strong initial growth and high total season drymatter yield. Bond have a high level of resistance to current races of crown rust (P. coronata). They are a medium-late maturing oat with a prolific tillering ability for good recovery after cutting or grazing.
Suitable For

Sowing Rate: 80-120kg/ha
Rainfall: Minimum 400mm per annum
Weeks to Grazing: 40-55 days
Heading Date: Mid
Pasture Life: Annual
Soil Fertility: Medium (Olsen P 15-20)

Fast to establish with crown rust resistance 

Quicker to establish compared to other varieties, Bond is medium to late maturing with a flowering date 7–10 days and a semi-erect growth habit. Sow Bond forage oats for strong initial growth and high total season dry matter. Prolific tillering gives Bond the ability to recover well after cutting or grazing.

Pasture seed sowing rate (sole): 80-120kg/ha


Minimum 400mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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