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Firefly kale

  • High leaf-to-stem ratio with very good late winter leaf percentage
  • Soft stems for excellent crop utilisation 
  • Very good winter hardiness and excellent pest and disease tolerance
  • High yielding, intermediate-height kale
Cleancrop Firefly kale DLF Seeds
Suitable For

Sowing Rate: 4kg/ha
Rainfall: Minimum 650mm per annum
Weeks to Grazing: From 150 to 220 days

Quality feed with excellent leaf to stem ratio

Firefly kale is a high yielding, intermediate height kale with a high leaf-to-stem ratio. Sow for soft stems, winter hardiness and excellent crop utilisation by livestock (due to single plant selection for soft stems during the plant breeding process). 

As part of the Cleancrop Brassica System, Firefly has been bred to be tolerant to the sulfonylurea herbicide Telar™ - A broad spectrum herbicide that provides excellent control of broad leaf weeds from the pre-emerge stage.

Available through accredited retailers only and sold as a complete package (seed + herbicide)

Brassica seed sowing rate (sole): 4kg/ha

To learn more about the DLF Seeds Cleancrop  Brassica Managment System or, to find your nearest accredited retailer, get in touch with your local DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist here. 

Control weeds and increase yields with Cleancrop™ Firefly kale

Firefly kale is a cultivar that is part of the Cleancrop™ Brassica System, a simple weed management solution that combines the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar  and plants bred to tolerate it.

Telar takes care of 48 weeds at the time of sowing, freeing up moisture and nutrients to give your crop the best chance of maximising performance and delivering a superior return on your seed investment. 

  • Control weeds within 48 hours of sowing
  • Low moisture required# to activate Telar herbicide
  • No soil incorporation required
  • Adaptable to method of sowing

NOTE: Telar cannot be used on regular brassicas

Cleancrop example DLF Seeds

LEFT Telar™ not applied: Example of Toto turnip with a high weed burden of Fathen
RIGHT Telar™ applied: Example of Toto turnip with Telar™ herbicide applied

Weeds controlled with Telar™

African turnip weed, Brome grass>, Ball Mustard, Capeweed, Cape Tupil, Deadnettle, Docks, Fathen>, Fumitory>, Hoary Cress, Indian Hedge Mustard, King Island melilot, Lincoln weed, Loosestrife, Mintweed, Mouse-eared Chickweed, New Zealand spinach, Onion grass, Paterson’s Curse, Pimpernels, Rough poppy, Saltbush, Saffron thistle, Shepherds Purse, Soursob, Slender thistle, Spear thistle, Storksbill, Tree hogweed, Turnip weed, Wild radish, Wild Turnip and Wireweed. 

For full list of weeds controlled by Telar, see below or download here. 

# - Suppression when applied pre-sowing and post-sowing pre-emergence (PSPE)
> - Suppression only. 


Minimum 650mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

Cleancrop™ Management Guide
The Cleancrop™ Management Guide will tell you everything you need to know about growing and managing your Cleancrop™ brassica crop including Telar™ applications, cultivar information and more.
Telar™ Label
Full list of 48 weeds controlled by Telar™ Herbicide.