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Envirogro Seed Treatment Process

The Envirogro® seed treatment process is now a tailored seed treatment offering to aid in the establishment and productivity of tropical and subtropical seed varieties.

Envirogro is a species-dependent, tailored process that produces the highest quality tropical and subtropical seed through improved seed cleaning, seed dehulling/scarification (where the species requires it) and a customised coating process to improve live seed numbers per hectare.

Envirogro benefits

  • Improves seed flowability and ballistic properties
  • Improves seed quality and purity for a higher return on investment
  • Produces a clean, uniform seed
  • Removes weed seed, waste material and contaminants
  • Increases bare seed counts through improved cleaning
  • Coated with insecticide, polymer and talc/lime (no Rhizobia inoculant applied to tropical legumes)

Bare seed complications:

  • Difficulty achieving accurate seed placement to match desired sowing rates
  • Difficult to handle efficiently
  • Harder to calibrate seeding equipment
  • High risk of insect invasion
  • Includes weed seed, sticks and other contaminants in seed count/seed bag weight
  • Increased risk of weed seed contamination
  • Potential limited access to necessary nutrients at germination
  • Seed bridging in sowing equipment

The process

Phase 1: Cleaning

  • Bare seed is harvested from the paddock and cleaned of contaminants and debris.

The Envirogro seed treatment process is tested after every phase.

Phase 2: Dehulling/scarification(species specific)

  • Where applicable, the bare seed is taken through a process of dehulling/ scarification, which removes seed husk entirely/partially from the caryopsis.

The Envirogro seed treatment process is tested after every phase.

Phase 3: Coating

  • The caryopses is pelleted. This phase also includes a coating of insecticide, polymers and talc/lime to provide the seedling with improved success rates.

The Envirogro seed treatment process is tested after every phase.

For treatment reccomendations specific to your farming needs, contact your local DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist here