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Programmed Approach to Pasture Renewal

Step 2

Soil test before starting the Programmed Approach™ and six months before planting a brassica

  • Soil test and apply capital fertiliser (phosphate and lime) at least six months before planting a brassica crop or, as soon as possible. When direct drilling, apply fertiliser close to the seed for increased plant uptake.
  • Soil testing allows for early decision making as phosphate and lime take time to move within the soil profile.
  • Brassica crops are reliant on soil P levels and need to be at optimum levels for high yielding crops.
  • The best crops are grown in the most fertile paddocks.
  • A comprehensive soil test will show chemical imbalances that may have limited pasture growth.
  • Spreading fertiliser in the Programmed Approach™ gives you more management flexibility.
  • When direct drilling an annual ryegrass, it is advised to apply DAP or MAP down the spout with seed for faster uptake by the plant (75-150kg/ha). Phosphate increases root hair growth resulting in quicker access to moisture and other nutrients. Soil mineralisation is slower in uncultivated paddocks resulting in less nitrogen available for plant uptake during establishment.
Soil test
Soil test