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    Pallatons outstanding water use efficiency compared to forage rape makes it a season standout with the dry conditions predicted

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Available from your local, rural retailer - DLF Seeds is the largest forage seed company in Australia, with over 85 years’ experience supplying Australian farmers with the widest range of forage seed varieties.

PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds are now DLF Seeds.

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Sow recommended autumn/winter feed options that have been carefully selected by the DLF Seeds team of local experts and Agronomists. 

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Autumn sown Pallaton, Elong ELong NSW

“The lambs were punching along in excess of 300 grams per day” Nigel Roberts said. 

The delivery of exceptional liveweight gains is just one reason why Nigel keeps giving Pallaton a regular run in his mixed farming operation at Elong Elong, east of Dubbo NSW. Over the past two years, the premium raphanobrassica grazing crop has shown its worth across every measure – growth, quality, persistence, palatability and insect tolerance.

“Not only does it grow a really big bulk of feed in a short period of time, but its persistence to grazing over 12 months is phenomenal ...

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In addition to the latest information about the various products in the DLF Seeds range, the Spring Guide also features a number of components designed to help you to make more informed pasture and cropping decisions.

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Key articles to supply you with farming information, recommendations, new items, trial data and more to help optimise on farm performance.

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CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture

The industry is buzzing today with the Commonwealth's announcement to contribute $87 million in government funding to the CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture (ZNE -Ag CRC) and we are excited to be a part of it.