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Pallatons outstanding water use efficiency (WUE) compared to ^forage rape makes it a season standout with the conditions' predicted 

Over the 2013-2014 summer period, The New Zealand Institute for Forage Innovations Limited (FIL) found that Pallaton thrives in dry conditions in comparison to forage rape^. Considering Australian conditions and the potential for a dry season, these findings may assist farmers increase their seed return on investment with lower water use and more grazing potential.

Pallaton Raphno, Armidale Research Site NSW

Trial key findings: Pallaton offers farmers a 38.2% increase in water use efficiency (WUE) relative to forage rape^.

But what does this mean for the Australian market during a dry season?

Once established and under drought/heat pressure, Pallaton offers similar nutrition compared to a forage ^rape, but has the potential to offer higher dry matter yields per hectare per unit of water.

The team at DLF Seeds states that “Throughout the trial, Pallaton achieved 12.3 kg DM/ha/mm compared to 8.9 kg DM/ha/mm of forage ^rape. This means, more dry matter per hectare, per unit of water (e.g. a 38.2%kgDM/ha/mm difference).”

Ultimately, Pallatons WUE in comparison to forage rape, in conjunction with its potential of *5+ grazings, gives farmers the ability to manage risk under dry conditions.

If you’re asking yourself the question; “Should I sow Pallaton or forage rape this season?”

DLF Seeds suggest “Sowing a forage rape if your goal this season is early feed, to achieve 1-3 grazings and, experience all the benefits a traditional forage rape offers, consider sowing a high quality forage rape such as Mainstar.

However, If you are an experienced brassica grower and your goal is to extend your feeding period, achieve up to 5+ grazings, and increase WUE, consider sowing a high performance crop such as Pallaton”. Concludes the DLF Seeds team.

Want to know more?

Pallaton is available from accredited rural retailers. For more information, contact your local rural retailer or DLF Seeds Sales Agronomist here. 

^FIL Goliath® rape vs Pallaton raphnobrassica, shallow soils at Lincoln University’s Ashley Dene Research and Development Station in New Zealand.

*Achieve 5+ grazings of Pallaton Raphno® by following recommended management and under ideal conditions.