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Autumn favourites

Carefully selected by the DLF Seeds team of local experts and Agronomists, discover and sow our recommended autumn/winter feed options today!

DLF Seeds: Providing Australian farmers with high quality, innovative varieties backed by science, global knowledge & local expertise for over 85 years.

Available from your local rural retailer, DLF Seeds provides the complete range of forage seed varieties previously available from PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds.

See below for our top autumn/winter feed picks or, get in touch with your local Sales Agronomist for custom seed solutions that suit your operation. 

For certainty through science®, sow with DLF Seeds today.

AR37 endophyte takes ryegrass pasture persistence and insect protection to a premium level.

Does your paddock experience insect pressure? If you’ve answered yes, sow ryegrass seed varieties with AR37 endophyte to maximise performance this season. 

AR37 endophyte provides your ryegrass with protection from insects and in return, the ryegrass provides the endophyte with a place to live and reproduce, making the plant more productive, growing more feed for longer.

DLF Seeds: Your trusted endophyte experts for over 25 years. 

Leading perennial grasses for high quality feed

Brassica, herbs and fantastic root systems

Quick feed options

Create a custom mix with legumes for high quality grazing and FREE Nitrogen fixation or, discover our range of Maximiser® mixes and blends today.

NEW 2024 Product Guide

View or download the 2024 DLF Seeds Product Guide for everything you need to know about selecting and sowing high quality, leading forage seed varieties for grazing, hay and silage.

DOWNLOAD OR VIEW HERE: DLF Seeds 2024 Product Guide


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