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Sheep grazing on Pallaton Raphno®

Pallaton Raphno

Crop Sowing

Pallaton Raphno® is sold by the hectare and is sown at a rate of 8 kg/ha. Pallaton seed should be sown at a depth of approximately 10 mm and rolled until firm. Sow at soil temperatures of 10°C and rising. Available under agency agreement through accredited retailers only.

Dry Matter Yield Assessment

Assess the amount of feed (kgDM/ha) on offer prior to grazing in order to calculate the allocation AND/OR stocking rate of the Pallaton crop.

It is important to send a sample away for dry matter (DM%) testing when measuring crops, as assuming a DM% can significantly over or underestimate available feed - the accompanying calculation shows a 2,900 kgDM/ha difference in available feed using two different DM%.

Unlike other brassicas, Pallaton has no specific maturity date. Therefore, the plant may continue to grow either underfoot or ahead of the animals in favourable conditions. To reduce growth under foot, follow recommended stocking rates.